Chapter 94: Getting philosophical with DJ Dills

Three and a half years ago I took part in my first radio telethon. The goal was to talk for about 1/3 of my hour and a half long show and solicit those sad and lonely college radio listeners into giving money to the station. I got pretty emotional as it approached the end of my show (5am), but I like to think I made a difference, if even in a small way.

Unprepared? Slightly. Awkward? More than a bit. In any event, I enjoy the sound of my own high pitched radio voice so much that I hope you do too.

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For the record, I stopped being scared of the mic. This made me quite a bit more toolish, but better. Just putting that out there.

Original air date: 4/08/2003






One response to “Chapter 94: Getting philosophical with DJ Dills”

  1. I don’t think that makes you a tool, but rather more implement-like.

    However, your use of ‘philosophical’ does make you a tool of the popular deception.


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