Chapter 95: How to do a Skid Turn

To almost everyone, driving is the simple pursuit of moving yourself efficiently from point A to point B. However, to a select few, driving is a matter of life and death where precious seconds can make a crucial difference.

Before starting, make sure that:

  • The road is clear and free of obstacles such as cars, children, animals, etc.
  • You are traveling at a reasonably safe speed.
  • The car has a manual transmission with a handle-style emergency brake
  • Your left hand is on the wheel, right hand on the emergency brake, with feet on the gas and clutch.
  • You are not driving an SUV, van or for the love of god a vehicle carrying a trailer.

To properly execute a moving skid turn, execute the following steps.

  1. Cut the wheel slightly in the direction you wish to turn.
  2. Pull the emergency brake slightly to initiate the skid of the back wheels.
  3. Point the wheels in the direction you want to go, counteracting the skid direction.
  4. Once the skid is initiated and the car is in a sideways motion, release the emergency brake.
  5. Accelerate quickly in the direction of choice, always pointing the wheel in the direction of the intended motion.

The steps required to execute a well timed skid turn are simple, but much practice is required to get the proper timing. Also, the feel of your car when it’s moving in a direction other than where you are facing is novel and scary at first, but eventually becomes natural, even commonplace.

As a final aside, frequent skid turn use will cause side to side wear on tires, requiring more frequent replacement.






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  1. vinnie

    We (and by we, I mean we AzNs) call that driftin’

    Yea son…go out and buy “The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift” DVD…

    …Actually, on a more serious note, don’t. Let’s not make Hollywood producers think we another sequel.

  2. Oh, to be 16 again. And drive a Honda. In north Pittsburgh.

    That’s the life for us Cauc-Azns.

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