Chapter 33: Zeta Psi

If you told me that being on hall council meant that you got dragged into a darkened room lit by candlelight, containing men in suits carrying ancient papers and the odd sword, I would tell you that you are on crack. I’m afraid that this is EXACTLY what I’m going to tell you.

After elections, our hall council consisted of a bunch of my friends and two upperclassmen girls. A hall council training session later, we knew each other pretty well, and I could call Erin and Addie my friends. I liked talking to Erin because she was interesting, and one meeting her boyfriend Mike came before it ended. He waited until we were done, listening to our normally hilarious mix of real issues and Kenny’s comments. I had heard of Mike before, so I went up and talked to him with Erin a little, and called it a night.

Apparently Mike was impressed by me. He was part of the Zeta Psi fraternity, and he asked Erin if I would ever consider going Greek. Through her I told him I was open minded, so he started inviting me down to the house for open dinners, and other random events. I liked the guys at the house, and although I had never thought about it before, I started to consider joining. One evening the Zetes (as they are called) were taking people to an ice skating rink, and I wasn’t planning on going. Erin was mad, because she didn’t want to be the only one she knew there, so she asked my friend Jason to go. When I heard he was going I dropped my inhibitions and took to the ice several hours later. My first time skating saw me fall only twice, with the years of experience skiing coming in handy.

The Fraternity rush period ended, and Jason and I were both extended bids, meaning we could pledge if we wanted to. We both accepted them, and were invited to an “event” this last Friday. We dressed up like we were told, and were taken in the back entrance of the Frat building, through the bowels of the basement and the kitchen. We were taken to a holding room where we stalled some time, and then we were escorted into the largest room in the house. The lights had been turned off, and everyone had on their most formal attire. At the corner of each room were men at tables, surrounded by candles. No one flinched, smiled, or coughed; we proceeded from table to table, where different members of the frat gave speeches. One drew a sword suddenly, surprising all of us.

I’m not sure how much of this I can tell you, so I will stop short of telling you what was said. Anyone reading this could probably care less what was said in this secret gathering, but at no point did I say “Thank you, sir, may I have another!” Being in a fraternity looks to be interesting, and I am not at all sad I am pledging.

Someone told me they overheard another frat’s brothers talking about me, with the conversation going some thing like this:

“Did you hear Sam is pledging Zeta Psi?”
“No. Damn.”
“I know, we almost had him ourselves.”






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