Chapter 24: Sky Bright

One Saturday ago, I was looking around online, and I found out that from 4-6 in the morning on Sunday morning there was a meteor shower. It was awfully early, but 10 of us stayed up to see natures fireworks. It was cold, and we couldn’t seem to get a good view from the cramped quarters of the balconies. Someone suggested the roof of Norton. I knew how to get to the roof, so we all snuck to the janitor closet and climbed the ladder EVER so quietly, sneaking onto the roof. The sky was perfect, cloudless, and for the first time in a long time, my view of the heavens was not cluttered by ugly buildings. We watched the stars and the meteors for over an hour, lying on our backs on the cold, wet, gravel roof. If you don’t think this sounds exciting, you should try it. The shooting stars last less than a second, so everyone was constantly missing them.

Nortonites – “OOOHH!! THERE’S ONE!!!”
Gerrie – “WHERE?!? WHERE?!? Fuck, I missed another one!!”

We snuck back in, and after some more viewing at an adjacent field, 5 of us guys climbed up the ladder again, this time to see the sunrise. It was maybe the first sunrise I’ve ever made the point of seeing. It was also one of the most interesting nights I have ever had.






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