Chapter 23: Teamwork

I saw my first women’s college basketball game on Friday. I really only went because a Norton contingent of supporters for our friend Rachel collected me. We played a good team that was nationally ranked last year, but it appears they aren’t now, because little old Case kicked their ass, something like 70 to 50.

I have played basketball 5 on 5 before, so I knew how it worked, at least I thought I did. The teamwork these girls had, the intuition that told them to be exactly where the other person needed them to be, was amazing. The fluid movements of not only the individuals, but the team as a whole were extremely well oiled. One girl in particular had the skills to drive in and make shot after shot, but she didn’t, because she knew that her making the point wasn’t as important as making the point in general, so she’d pass.

Having played hockey and paint ball I understand some of the people that play games. Some go for the glory of themselves, knowing that whoever makes the shot gets the glory. But others go for the glory of the team, and pass, or cover, helping the team being more important than getting a half court shot.






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