Chasing the Gaijin: Tokyo to Osaka

The first thing you notice when you land in Japan: the place is filled with Japanese people.

Not just filled, overflowing. It sounds like a stupid thing to say, but it is a shock after living in a city as ethno-diverse as Washington, DC. Outside of the airport and certain tourist hotspots, it is 99.5% Asian.

I have read some good travel blogs in my day, namely Andrew as he navigated the entirety of Asia, and I know I do not have the chops (patience) to pull it off. Instead I plan on doing a post-trip picture odyssey, much like my previous offerings.

Japan is fucking nuts. You should go sometime.






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  1. Bill

    I felt bad this was empty so I’ll comment…

  2. Hey Sam… I just got your postcard. Thanks! It looks like you’re having/had a great time! (I’m not sure when you’re back)

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