Chapter 92: Lost myyyy virginity

It was in front of the Masonic Memorial. On the grass. Looking out onto Old Town Alexandria. The sun was shining and the sky was blueing itself all over the place. Something like 1:30 on a Monday afternoon. That’s when it happened.

That’s when I realized I was walking like I had just lost my virginity.

You know the walk. Hands in your pockets. Kicking your heels out. Eyes slightly squinted with the hint of a smile. None of that head drooping kids stuff, your neck is as straight as Travolta claims to be. As tall as Chase for once in your god damn life.

It’s to be understood that this walk is not strictly associated with the loss of a V-card. It’s a metaphorical walk. Many who lose their virginity do not walk this way; the act is rarely associated with the world altering level of testosterone that is implied by the stride I was taking that afternoon.

This is a Mandy the head cheerleader walk.

The Patent Office keeps you as a probationary “fire-at-will” employee for a year. I started working at the PTO on September 19th, 2005. Today is Tuesday, September 19th. Yesterday morning I walked into my old bosses’ office with a firm handshake and a question.

I got retained. And I feel fucking great.






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  1. Dillon

    well done, sir. I never had any doubts.

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