Chapter 66: Ten things Magic the Gathering has taught me

  1. A carefully constructed strategy can’t make up for poor decisions.
  2. Just because it’s rare doesn’t mean it’s good.
  3. Real men don’t concede.
  4. There is no best deck, but there is a worst deck*.
  5. Just because it’s big and breathes fire doesn’t mean it’s useful to you.
  6. High cost often has an inverse relationship with actual usefulness.
  7. Everyone gets mana-screwed once in a while.
  8. The strategy that wins is often the simple one.
  9. Playing with people is more fun than with the computer.
  10. When in doubt, just repeat to yourself, “Untap. Upkeep. Draw.”

* 59 swamps and a Zephyr Falcon






2 responses to “Chapter 66: Ten things Magic the Gathering has taught me”

  1. Voted 5. Subscribed.

  2. Random Joe

    One thing that I actually learned was:

    There are too many unseen variables, don’t do anything before you really have to (last effect first).

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