Chapter 44: The World According to Branden Klien

I am Jack’s hatred of Instant Messanger:

Like so many others I had fallen victim to the AOL Instant Messanger syndrome. I would often sit at home thinking what kind of profile defines me as a person? And in some sick distorted way I am supposed to define who I am in less than 1024 characters. I would force myself into a text file.

I did this so people whom I have never met could “understand me”. Or I would put something clever and witty and make people laugh. These people would laugh with a sick desperation.

I would make a profile so that my friends would not have to wonder how I am doing and satisfy thier idle curiosity. This way they can feel okay not talking to me, content that they are updated on every aspect of my life.

I say fuck Instant Messanger with its smiley faces, buddy icons, and its profiles, fuck 1024 characters.

I am not my fucking profile.






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