Chapter 28: On the move

I was born December 16th, 1982, in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The town is in the desert, not to far from the famous Carlsbad Caverns. Around late 1988, after the birth of my two little brothers, we moved to Piqua, Ohio, a small farming town outside of Dayton. About two and a half years later we moved to a huge house in the old part of Galveston, Texas. It wasn’t a great neighborhood, but it was a really cool house!! We spent about three and a half years in Texas, half of which we lived in a nice neighborhood a little farther north in Dickinson, Texas.

At the age of 11, in early summer 1993, we made the move to Nome, a town of 3500 people out in the middle of nowhere in northern Alaska. We lived in a small apartment complex called the Aqipik Apartments (why I remember that, don’t ask). We stayed for the summer, and in the winter, after a month in Hawaii to thaw, we moved to Monroeville, Pennsylvania, a short drive to the east of Pittsburgh. The following summer it was back to Nome, this time with a somewhat better apartment, rented from a guy named Nacho. That winter we stayed in Anchorage, in a little shit hole of an apartment with Russian landlords who didn’t know how to tell me in English to turn my classical music off. That was a long, cold, winter, my first and only in Alaska. That spring we moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, across the bay from Halifax. We were supposed to stay for a decade, so Ed and I started public school. We ended up staying until August 31st, 1997, when simultaneously our house lease and Visa’s expired, so we had to get out of the country fairly quick. We moved to a suburb in the north hills of Pittsburgh, a lovely place called Hampton. We stayed there for 4 years, just long enough for me to finish High School, after which my family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. I visited them for a while over the summer, then I came back to Pittsburgh, before finally coming to rest in Cleveland, Ohio, where I now go to school. My entire life I have been on the move, where will I I go next??






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