Chapter 20: Major decision?

I have to start making that big decision: What am I going to major in? I’ve always wanted to do two things: program computer games, and build robots. Since I was in 8th grade I’ve made computer programs, although not as much in the last year or so. Last year I was in a school robotics team that made it to a national competition in Seattle, the highlight of that academic year. But I don’t want to spend the rest of my life behind a desk, writing code, or working on schematics. I take relief in my dad. He got two degrees out of college, industrial ceramics and a mining degree. He now is the president of a construction company that makes embassies, not exactly what he wanted or started out to be. He told me that regardless of what I come out of college with, I will end up where I want, if that’s what I really want. Your major will give you a general push, but its things inherent in you, your ability to learn and deal with new things that will ultimately decide your success. I am in college to learn HOW to learn.






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