Chapter 18: I am Sam’s masculinity

I have not been around in a long time. My transition from a heterosexual to a gay transsexual was quite rapid. I now lust for Billy Blanks. Of course he must be wearing a ballerina outfit with the crotch cut out. But the sad state I am now at I am not quite sure even Sam or I could explain that. But being Sam’s lack of masculinity I will try. It all started with a shower with Big Al. Later, Al would castrate Sam after a brutal fight about whose legs were sexier. Then Sam began cross dressing, because of lack of a penis. This is more or less how I have come to be. It was not all my fault; I occasionally tell Sam messages to hit on women. Sam only responds, “NO, girls have cooties”. It’s not my fault…” ~baconthefag

Due to some confusion, this was written by a friend of mine as a parody of Fight Club and my chapters.






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