Chapter 114: Why I write

I write because there isn’t always someone there to listen, but I want to talk anyway. I write because it forces me to actually think about what I thought I understood. I write because I can fool myself sometimes, but not when it’s sitting in front of me.

I write because of a handful of comments I’ve received from peers, who’ve said, “Man, I think the stuff you write is really interesting, I’m impressed”. I write because of all the comments I haven’t received. I write because I know people I respect occasionally read it, and I want them to think of me as a mythical manbeast who walks with his head held high. I want them to think of me as someone who is or one day might be important in the grand scheme of something … anything. I want to imply depth, insight and jaw-dropping humanity.

I write because of the time someone sat in my lap and said straight to my face, “So I read your blog the other day, I really liked the one you wrote about originality.” I write on the off chance that someone I know or someone I don’t will be instantly entranced, that I will transform from “just another guy” into an intellectual and emotional powerhouse with high earning potential who’s probably a lot of fun behind closed doors.

I write because it’s a world that’s entirely of my own creation. I write because I get to call blog posts whatever I want, and I chose chapters. I write because while my memory isn’t perfect, a SQL table tends to be.

I write because I’m an introvert who doesn’t always say what he thinks, but tends to think what he says. I write because Notepad has always understood me. I write because I can occasionally turn a phrase that sticks in at least my head. I write because the act of furiously typing out a thought can put me into a sleep sounder than any caused by physical exhaustion.

I write so that years from now I can sit reading silly words and phrases and smile to myself, because I remember.






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  1. unrelated to your post… But here goes anyways: what’s the examiners’ position regarding the new patent reform laws in the House?

  2. You write because you secretly want to get with me. Or you want to impress me. Or some other reason that includes me as a factor.

  3. lauryn

    i love your blawg

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