Chapter 112: Sam’s Index, part 1

Pimpin Dakota

  1. Miles driven in the last 14 days: 3,474
  2. Percentage by which this increased the mileage of my parent’s car: 27%
  3. People who have learned to drive stick shift through my instruction: ≥11
  4. People who have learned to drive stick shift on the current transmission of my families ’96 Honda Civic: ~16
  5. Minimum number of ways I can walk to work via paved roads: 4,213
  6. Patent applications I’ve examined or I’m in the process of examining: 60
  7. Patent applications I’ve issued (i.e. have let become patents): 3
  8. Factor by which my all-nighters at work outnumber my all-nighters in college: 10
  9. Number of Google searches I’ve made since April 20, 2005: 14,765
  10. Average number of searches per day, given the above: 17.5
  11. Average length of time it takes me to beat Quake, start to finish: 45 minutes
  12. Factor by which the computers I’ve owned outnumber the girls I’ve dated: 2
  13. Magic the Gathering decks in my dining room, ready to play: 25
  14. Hardest rated rock climb I’ve ever led successfully: 5.9
  15. Ordered set of homes I’ve lived in for more than a month, by state: New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Texas, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Alaska, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Utah, Ohio, Utah, Ohio, Ohio, Virginia and Virginia.
  16. Number of countries bagged: 18
  17. Number of countries to go: 176 to 185, depending on who you ask
  18. Number of states bagged: 50
  19. Warrants that have been issued for my arrest, plus those issued for others because of my actions: 3 or more
  20. Number of bullet holes in that sign: ~71

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else … keep looking.






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  1. Justin

    21. Number of consecutive times I’ve listened to the song “J” by Mindless Self Indulgence: ___

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