Chapter 110: Life is about many things

Life is about growing.

My legs grew longer until I was about 16. My hair grows longer every day, though not from as many places up top as it used to. My fingernails grow four times as fast as my toenails (or so I read in Maxim).

Life is about learning.

It always takes twice as long to do the work as you initially estimate. Boca Burgers do not taste good in spaghetti sauce. Doing your dishes before leaving the country makes your housemates happier to see you when you get back. Sandals and cold rain make for walks that feel twice as long as they should.

Life is about loving.

If you are a good enough driver on a manual transmission, you can keep a bundle of daisies in an upright cup of water for the rest of your errands. Most people aren’t disgusted by the affection they see others share, many of them just have a complicated way of showing jealousy. Sometimes a good talking to from someone you care about is enough to start moving again.

Life is about living.

I’m coming to terms with having wasted too much time of recent being unproductive, unfocused, unhappy. I faced the reality of starting to study two weeks before the LSAT. I faced the reality of slacking at work and continuing to kill myself to make up for it. But I finally took the LSAT, I finished all my work, and my face is starting to see a little more sun.

Life is about realizing you have more control than you think you do.

(actor mounts steed, gives the bear a bologna sandwich and rides off into the sunset)






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