Author: Sam

  • Chapter 3: A thousand me’s

    People have many little lives, all entangled in their life. Working at a job, having a group of friends, living in a certain house, all are separate lives that you live on a daily basis. As time goes by you lose things, and you do die a little. You lose someone, the party ends, you…

  • Chapter 2: Her power over me

    To look into her eyes enraptures me. To speak to her thrills me, and when she speaks back, her gentle voice warms my blood. Her presence makes my day lighter in ways no one else can compete with. Her touch reaches into my soul and calms every nerve, every muscle. That touch has the effect…

  • Chapter 1: Is she hot?

    This first question most people ask me when I talk about a girl is “Is she hot?” I have a problem calling anyone I know or hang around ‘hot’. Once I know someone, they can no longer be ‘hot’. Only when I begin to know someone though, can they begin to be truly beautiful.