Author: Sam

  • Chapter 8: The day the World went away

    Today was a day I will always remember. This morning I saw over a thousand people die. I heard a plane crashed in my town, and I nearly punched a wall because I was so scared. I held my weeping friend when she feared for her loved ones’ life, and feared for my friends. I […]

  • Chapter 7: Peace in Nature

    I have always been in love with the wilderness. My dad has always taken us out into the great beyond. Recently, out in the middle of North-Eastern Utah, hiking on alpine tundra, the wind whipping in your face, the clouds stretched out below the horizon . . . this is where I find peace. The […]

  • Chapter 6: My Quota

    I was preparing to go to a recent party, and I was informing various people I thought might wonder where I was of my plans. One girl in particular asked me if I was going to get drunk, and I responded, “Probably.” She glared at me, and gave me the impression that she thought less […]

  • Chapter 5: Lost

    Wither lies the road? No road! Into the unknown… – Friedrich Nietzsche Thrust into a strange environment from which I know no escape, I could easily panic, because I am lost. I do not know where or who I am, and because I am lost I must find myself quickly, because being lost is not […]

  • Chapter 4: My eyes are open

    I went to church today, which is not something I normally do. As I sat there through the hymns and prayers, I realized how bad I was behaving. I had my arms crossed, and my eyes kept wandering around the room. Here I am, a young open minded male, who is refusing to listen to […]