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  • Chapter 104: Why Karaoke is so damn important

    The Karaoke bar is full of misfits, the kind of people who only fit in with other people that don’t fit in. This isn’t the Irish bar, the frat bar, the posh bar. This is the place where nights end. This is the place where lives begin. Three songs. That’s how long until your name […]

  • Chapter 103: The Definitive Guide to bagging States and Countries

    Most men enjoy competition, whether it be sports, card games or the sheer volume of alcohol one can imbibe. However, in the grand scheme of all things gaming, these pursuits are quite trivial. Card games are determined in a sitting, sports in an afternoon, and the effects of drinking go away eventually (if things didn’t […]

  • Chapter 100: A year distilled into just 10 short words

    The first chapter of the new year just happens to coincide with being the 100th chapter I’ve ever written. It could be coincidence, but I could just be a bastard. Ta-oof-Sam dot com It’s been a year since I started writing again. I wrote religiously my first year of college, however at some point I […]

  • Chapter 93: Why I go on so many dates

    Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. – Carl Sagan The rules are simple: always at noon, and never decide the location until you’re standing outside. The former provides structure to what would otherwise be perfectly structureless days, and the latter gives people a chance to light […]

  • Chapter 71: The Woman Crying on the Metro

    Wednesday. Early evening. Possibly my favorite time of the week. The escalator carries me up and out of the DC underground and into the windy bustle of Foggy Bottom. Every week I ride the metro from work up to the George Washington campus and eat a chilidog before heading to class. I eat a chilidog […]