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  • Chapter 121: The Devil went out to Utah

    The Devil went out to Utah, he was lookin’ to relax When stealin’ souls gets too old, he skis the double blacks, When he came across this young man clad in skies and ridin’ ’em hot, And the Devil jumped up in the middle of the bumps, said, “Boy, lemme tell you what, I guess […]

  • Chapter 87: The Patent Examiner’s Song

    somebody get out my drums and whiskey. And it’s go boys go They’ll count your every breath And every bi-week in this place you’re two weeks nearer death But you go… ::/chorus:: Well an Examiner am I and I’m telling you no lie I search for things that meet just what the applicant defined There’s […]

  • Chapter 61: Fixed Formatting, or A College Graduate

    rapping by me, beats forthcoming the leaves have all fallen on the spots of ground where i wander slowly fighting a persistant frown i take down all the thoughts as they flow so fast its very hard to find truth if you pass the class fighting exhaustion, i start to open up the books every […]