Top 10 searchs terms that put me on Google’s front page

  1. truck scale oregon fudge factor
  2. “i work at the patent office”
  3. crying on the metro (by way of reddit)
  4. affection nicknames for men
  5. habitat for humanity beuis (yay misspellings)
  6. bedouin keffiyeh
  7. how to make someone puke
  8. prodigious letter of recommendation (#1)
  9. Teke Moore (#1)
  10. nicknames for backyard wrestling (#1)

Edit: A Google database update later, my position moved on a bunch of these, several moved off the front page and now this post is listed as the #1 hit for at least one of them.

Silk Underwear

Lookie lookie! Sam updated the visuals of his site! I really hope he didn’t break anything.

Style, like the sheer silk underwear, sometimes hides eczema.
– Albert Camus

CSS Shenanigans

If the sidebar decided it didn’t like staying at the top of the page, it’s okay. I know. I decided I didn’t like straining to read the small print anymore so I went CSS hacking. It’s a work in progress.