Chapter 6: My Quota

I was preparing to go to a recent party, and I was informing various people I thought might wonder where I was of my plans. One girl in particular asked me if I was going to get drunk, and I responded, “Probably.” She glared at me, and gave me the impression that she thought less of me because of it. I knew some of what she was thinking, that alcohol isn’t needed for a good time, and that drinking isn’t healthy. But, Miss Princess, when I go to a party, and I invariably start to dance and sing, instead of glaring at me and saying “Your quota of song and dance for the day is up,” people would join in. I know it’s illegal, I know it’s not healthy, and I know I could get into a lot of bad situations because of doing it. Why do I drink, you ask me? In a world full of unspoken rules, leaving your inhibitions at the door can be a welcome change of pace.

Chapter 5: Lost

Wither lies the road? No road! Into the unknown… – Friedrich Nietzsche

Thrust into a strange environment from which I know no escape, I could easily panic, because I am lost. I do not know where or who I am, and because I am lost I must find myself quickly, because being lost is not ideal. It is a testament to the power of the mind to be able to reverse the way you think about being lost, and immediately turn evil into good. Exploring is something frightening and exciting, turning over new leafs and walking through new doorways that have never been ventured before. Why be lost when you can explore? When you begin to go out of your way to be put into new and amazing experiences, you will have dropped the stigma linked to “being lost”, and will have become a true explorer.

Chapter 4: My eyes are open

I went to church today, which is not something I normally do. As I sat there through the hymns and prayers, I realized how bad I was behaving. I had my arms crossed, and my eyes kept wandering around the room. Here I am, a young open minded male, who is refusing to listen to others views because I didn’t agree with them. I base my life around arguing with others and voicing my opinion, and I couldn’t even begin to let it slip in my mind that any preconceived notion about the universe was wrong. Maybe this college boy isn’t as open minded as he thought he was.

Chapter 3: A thousand me’s

People have many little lives, all entangled in their life. Working at a job, having a group of friends, living in a certain house, all are separate lives that you live on a daily basis. As time goes by you lose things, and you do die a little. You lose someone, the party ends, you move away, and a part of you dies, and will never come back. Some people can’t let themselves go; they constantly strive to get back to the life they led. But that segment has long since past, and in every death lies an exciting birth. To struggle through the deaths and births of your life involves true strength, the strength that comes from not the biceps, but the inner strength of true heroes.

Chapter 2: Her power over me

To look into her eyes enraptures me. To speak to her thrills me, and when she speaks back, her gentle voice warms my blood. Her presence makes my day lighter in ways no one else can compete with. Her touch reaches into my soul and calms every nerve, every muscle. That touch has the effect of years of counseling, loving massages, and long steamy baths. A simple hand resting on my shoulder gives me energy, strength, and courage. It is humbling that someone can have such power over you, and it is scary that you could possibly have this power over someone else. Don’t abuse the power.